Media Assistant

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Employer - Express Microbiology Ltd
Job title - Media Assistant

Job Description
This role is to support the Analyst in Media.

The duties include:
Daily check of distilled water’s pH and conductivity
Glassware washing
Use of Autoclaves
Cleaning Autoclaves
Hygiene checks
Each morning logging and preparing a 330ml batch of un-autoclaved QC SPA
Daily verifying the Conductivity Meter with calibrations every Monday and Thursday. The meter is used to check the quality of the distilled/deionised water daily.
Lab pH meters must be calibrated and verified before use
Both Calibration and Verification Buffers must have fresh aliquots prepared every Monday morning.
These task sheets can never be all encompassing and hence flexibility is required
Hours of work Monday - Friday 7am - 3.30pm.

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Job Location Linlithgow EH
Date Posted 06 Mar 2020
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