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Your Mission's infrastructure processes millions of requests per day and is a mission-critical component of our customers' businesses. As a Technical Writer at, you'll be part of a team responsible for designing, building and running the software and systems which underpin our large-scale, real-time, distributed infrastructure.
As a Technical Writer in our documentation team your main responsibility will be writing and maintaining documentation for our third-party service 'connectors' which will help our customers authenticate their external accounts in the Tray workflow builder, and will give clear well-explained examples of how the connectors can be used to interact with the third-party services and automate customers' processes.
You will be working closely with our head of documentation and liaising with our connector engineers and customer support staff who will use your documentation to assist customers in their efforts to integrate Your workload will be managed using issue tracking software and the documentation will be managed in a software version control system.
An instinct for self-learning and problem-solving when experimenting with software and technology will be vital to your role, as will be the ability to communicate, obtain key information from developers and receive constructive feedback on your work. A firm grasp of the importance of minimal and concise written communication is also crucial.
At Tray there will be lots of opportunity for growth in terms of skills and responsibilities. The Heart of
Is made of generosity and trust; it is a community built on individual interactions between people who think differently; who are always available to help, to answer questions and to empower. We believe in building diversity we build strength. Together, we reach unimaginable goals through curiosity and no fear of failure or blame. And having fun no matter what!

Job Location London
Date Posted 04 Oct 2020
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